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LRPB Havoc - new AH for the West

LRPB Havoc is the newest AH release for WA wheat growers from Pacific Seeds.

The variety, which is commercially available for the 2018 plant combines broad adaptation with a superior canopy in a high yielding package.

In trials, LRPB Havoc has shown a 2-5% yield increase on Mace over the last 4 years in WA

Havoc is a quick maturing variety which displays a trait of prioritising tillering rather than rushing in warmer winters.

LRPB Havoc was bred by LongReach Plant Breeders for adaptation specific to the West Australian Wheat Belt.

LRPB Havoc Key Features

  • Havoc is based on Mace with similar yield stability and is well adapted to all areas of WA
  • AH classification in WA with a quick maturity for main season planting like Corack and Mace
  • Yield increase of 2-5% on Mace over the last 3 years in WA Outstanding shorter canopy for crop and stubble management
  • Good Stripe Rust (MR), Leaf Rust (RMR WA) and Yellow Spot (MRMS) resistance
  • Improved Powdery Mildew resistance (MS) over Mace to reduce disease build up in lower canopies

For more information on LRPB Havoc, please view our technote