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igrowth - imidazoline tolerant grain sorghum hybrids

igrowth is Pacific Seeds' world first imidazolinone tolerant trait for grain sorghum hybrids and made its commercial debut in the paddock in the 2018 Summer season with the release of Sentinel IG - a high yielding grain sorghum hybrid bred in our Australian grain sorghum breeding program and trialled extensively throughout the grain sorghum growing areas of Australia.

This means high yielding crops with the option to spray for weeds in crop are now a reality.  


igrowth weed control is a proprietary non-GMO imidazolinone tolerance trait being incorporated into Pacific Seeds germplasm.

Excellent grassy weed control is being achieved with the first igrowth grain sorghum hybrid release - Sentinel IG.

As with any herbicide tolerance traits, carefully stewardship is needed to maximise the efficacy and longevity of the technology in farmers' paddocks.

Intervix® from BASF is registered for use on igrowth grain sorghum, please see the stewardship information below for more information on the use of Intervix on igrowth grain sorghum hybrids.