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Roundup Ready canola $105-ha more valuable than OP TT, trial shows

March 11, 2019


A field walk at the trial site, with Bonito on the left and Hyola 404RR on the right.

A large-scale trial conducted by farmers and an agronomist north of Trayning, WA, which compared open pollinated triazine tolerant (OP TT) canola to Roundup Ready (RR) canola, has demonstrated a $105 per hectare benefit for RR over OP TT.

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Calls for dual-herbicide canola answered with Hyola 580CT

March 4, 2019


Yorketown grower Richard Dodd is using brand new canola technology on his farm.

South Australian canola growers have been calling for a dual-herbicide tolerant non-GM canola hybrid combining Clearfield and triazine tolerant technologies, and Pacific Seeds has answered those calls, becoming the first company to sell it for the 2019 season.

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Autumn the perfect time to plant grazing oats

March 20, 2019


Pacific Seeds forage development lead Wayne Chesher.

With recent rain and a shortage of feed after a hot and dry summer, grazing oats is the perfect option to fill the feed gap, according to Pacific Seeds forage development lead Wayne Chesher.

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Now is a good time to test wheat seed

February 10, 2019


Pacific Seeds wheat manager Neil Comben and seed analyst Tim Kirby.

Given a run of poor weather over recent wheat harvests, wheat variety marketing company Pacific Seeds is reminding growers to make sure they get their retained planting seed tested for germination and vigour prior to planting.

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