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Advanta Seeds under the Pacific Seeds' Wheat brand is developing an involvment in the wheat seed business throughout Australia, with the intention to bring varieties which will ecompass all major quality types adapting to all growing areas. Particular emphasis is placed on APH; AH; APW; ASW; AWSN as well as Durum and Feed.

Our network of regional-based associates are responsible for producing, processing, distributing as well as selling the range of Pacific Seeds wheat planting seed. This network of associates will ensure that quality seed is available to retailers and growers in a timely and efficient manner. Seed is available seasonally from your preferred Pacific Seeds' associates and retailers. 





Growers now have the choice to buy seed of established seed varieties from either licensed Pacific Seeds Associates and retailers or other growers.

To maintain a standard of variety preservation, only growers who have purchased seed from a registered source will be permitted to trade seed.  Selling growers must have purchased directly from a reseller or an associate to be able to sell to other farmers.

Pacific Seeds hopes this will give those growers who have been unable to maintain adequate stocks of planting seed the ability to source large quantities of local seed to plant their full program .  

Growers who wish to sell seed must download and complete the Seed Sales Declaration Form. AVAILABLE HERE

Please note that those varieties released in the last two years remain restricted for the planting season.

Varieties able to be traded: