Biotechnology and GMO's

As a provider of new and improved plant varieties for plant, animal and food production chains, Pacific Seeds uses and supports the use of conventional and modern genetic biotechnologies in its R&D programs. This application of traditional and innovative plant genetic technology provides added value and other benefits to growers, processors and consumers of our products. 

Although Pacific Seeds has access to the latest modern biotechnology , it recognises the need to work with, and address the concerns its customers, consumers and the wider community may have about the use of such technology. 


Pacific Seeds’ commitment to scientifically-based research and compliance with biotechnology regulations was clearly demonstrated when we became the first company to voluntarily commit to the Code of Ethical Practice for Biotechnology in Queensland.


“Farmers and consumers have the right to choose whether they will accept genetically modified products. Seed companies will ultimately have to tailor their breeding programs to their clients needs, be it for GMO, non-GMO or organic production”

Mr Adrian Huige– immediate past CEO Advanta


No GM material has been incorporated by Pacific Seeds into any of its current varieties of grain sorghum, forage sorghum, maize, sunflower, soybean, sweet corn, oats or wheat species. Selected canola hybrids have incorporated the Roundup Ready trait and are labelled as such. Should you require a GM freedom statement for a non GM Pacific Seeds product or require any further information regarding Pacific Seeds use of GM technology please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.