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Corn key to closed-loop Deniliquin piggery

August 7, 2017

Tristan Donaldson

Giles Cunnigham, Advanta Seeds, Matt Barker, Rodwells and Tristan Donaldson.

A closed-loop farming system whereby pig manure is used to grow corn that is fed back to pigs is paying off for a pork producer at Deniliquin.

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Tough sorghum means business as usual for Dalby Bio-Refinery growers

August 28, 2017


Shane and Sharon McKenna delivered last summer’s sorghum harvest to the Dalby Bio-Refinery without a hitch despite the tough conditions.

Planting sorghum that could handle tough conditions allowed Western Darling Downs growers Shane and Sharon McKenna to deliver last summer’s harvest to the Dalby Bio-Refinery without a hitch.

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