Pacific Seeds invests $700k in seed plant

September 25, 2017


Advanta Seeds (producer and supplier of Pacific Seeds products) managing director Nick Gardner.

Encouraged by the continued growth of the Australian agricultural industry, Pacific Seeds has invested $700,000 in a new seed treatment plant.

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Tough sorghum means business as usual for Dalby Bio-Refinery growers

August 28, 2017


Shane and Sharon McKenna delivered last summer’s sorghum harvest to the Dalby Bio-Refinery without a hitch despite the tough conditions.

Planting sorghum that could handle tough conditions allowed Western Darling Downs growers Shane and Sharon McKenna to deliver last summer’s harvest to the Dalby Bio-Refinery without a hitch.

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Corn key to closed-loop Deniliquin piggery

August 7, 2017

Tristan Donaldson

Giles Cunnigham, Advanta Seeds, Matt Barker, Rodwells and Tristan Donaldson.

A closed-loop farming system whereby pig manure is used to grow corn that is fed back to pigs is paying off for a pork producer at Deniliquin.

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