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Scenic Rim dairy farmers stay afloat with smart investments

August 10, 2016


Innisplain dairy farmers Steve and Sharon Jervis recently addressed feed, weed, and labour issues on their farm.

As profit margins continue to tighten in the dairy industry, farmers like Steve and Sharon Jervis at Innisplain in the Scenic Rim are becoming smarter with their investments.

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Wheat switch secures higher returns, award

September 16, 2016


Spring Ridge growers Frank (left) and Thomas Elsley won the Premer Plate for champion wheat crop.

Switching wheat classes due to mounting disease pressure has resulted in an unexpected upside for Spring Ridge grower Frank Elsley.

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Decade of patience yields dividends for Jondaryan grower

August 9, 2016


David and Amy Loughnan, 'Jackson', Jondaryan, grew a crop of sorghum which yielded 10.298t/ha.

Making the 350-kilometre move from Muckadilla to Jondaryan not only meant new neighbours and friends for the Loughnan family, it also meant contending with a new climate and soil types.

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Ararat farmer harvests top TT canola in tough season

August 10, 2016


Ararat farmer Tim Barr's hybrid canola (pictured at 28 days post-planting) hit 2t/ha in a tough year.

In what was Ararat’s fourth-driest year on record, farmer Tim Barr was surprised by the high canola yields he harvested in December at family property “Yallgatta”, in the Western Districts of Victoria.

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Break crops and big profits: can we have both?

October 26, 2015


Trevor Syme and Advanta Seeds territory manager Steve Lamb in Trojan wheat.

While Bolgart grower Trevor Syme is preparing for a good canola harvest in November due to higher expected yields from his first hybrid sowing, it is the valuable weed control the crop provides in successive wheat crops that has him most excited.

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