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Pacific Seeds growers dominate Pittsworth Show crop competition

March 21, 2018


Bill Smith, Pacific Seeds, Paul and Karen Dieckmann, Trifel, Brookstead, sorghum judge Scott Merson, and Lyn Brazil, Anchorfield, Brookstead.

Growers of Pacific Seeds varieties dominated the recent Pittsworth Show crop competition, collecting eight of the 17 spots.

Brazil Farming Co. won the grain sorghum competition with their crop of MR-Buster that yielded 8.8t/ha.

Second place was taken by Brett Ziesmer for his 7.2t/ha crop of MR-Buster.

D C Saal scored third with their crop of G44, which yielded 6.6t/ha.

The wheat competition was won by Peter, Pene and William Hood, Plainview, Pittsworth, for their crop of Flanker.

The champion sheaf was awarded to Stephen Siebenhausen, Pinevale, Pittsworth, for his sheaf of Sugargraze forage sorghum.

While yield was an important contributor to final scores, points were also awarded for purity, freedom from disease, crop condition, crop evenness and freedom from weeds.


The full list of sorghum winners:

1 Brazil Farming Co    MR-Buster      8.8t/ha

2 Brett Ziesmer           MR-Buster      7.2t/ha

3 D C Saal                  G44                 6.6t/ha

4 Brazil Farming Co    MR-Buster      6.6t/ha

5 Clinton Petersen      MR-Taurus      6.7t/ha

6 Ken Kummerow       MR-Taurus      6.6t/ha

7 Josh Connolly          MR-Taurus      6.2t/ha

8 Graham Krinke        G22                 6.2t/ha

9 Paul Krieg                MR-Taurus      5.5t/ha

10 Paul Fulbohm        MR-Buster      5.3t/ha

11 Vaughhan Bros.     MR-Buster      4.9t/ha

12 McLean Farms       MR-Buster      5.1t/ha

13 Paul Fulbohm        MR-Buster      4.9t/ha

14 D C Saal                MR-Taurus      4.6t/ha

15 Ken Kummerow     G33                 4.2t/ha

16 McLean Farms       MR-Buster      3.5t/ha

17 John Piper              Cracka            3.2t/ha