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Secure your season with Reliant - top yielding APH in 1-5T environments in QLD and NNSW

Reliant at a glance -

A consistently high yielding mid-season maturity variety, suited to NSW and Queensland APH (NNSW/Qld) and AH (SNSW) with similar planting window to Suntop

Reliant has been the highest yielding Prime Hard variety in Main Season NVT trials in Northern NSW and Queensland in 2014 and 2015. and has a reliable grain package with good grain size and test weight, as well as showing lower screenings than Suntop. Reliant is resistant to Stem Rust (R) and Leaf Rust (MR); has Adult Plant resistance to Stripe rust (MRMS) .

Reliant is a double haploid variety developed from a Crusader/Gregory cross that has Gregory’s tillering and Crusaders tightly packed heads

Reliant - yield king in 1-5t environments.