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Sprint technote

Hybrid overview


Sprint is a fast growing quick maturity sudangrass hybrid, combining fast regrowth after cutting or grazing and high total season dry matter production. Sprint has demonstrated faster initial growth and regrowth than Superdan 2, but it is earlier to flower than Superdan 2. Being a sudangrass hybrid, plants are highly tillered and stems are relatively fine. It is well suited for grazing by both cattle and sheep. Because Sprint is earlier to flower, best performance is achieved when it is closely managed and used before it flowers. Under favourable growing conditions, Sprint can provide multiple cuttings or grazings, with very high total season dry matter production. Being a sudan hybrid, the prussic acid content is usually lower than most other hybrids. Besides grazing, Sprint is also ideally suited to hay production and when cut at 1.0-1.5m, can produce hay of a quality substantially superior to typical forage sorghum hay.

Hybrid attributes

Maturity Quick
Type Sudan
x Sudan
Attributes Score
Palatibility 8
Digestiblity 8
Speed of regrowth 9
Stalk Sweetness 5
Standability 8
Leaf disease resistance 7
Suitablity to finish cattle 7
Pit silage 3**
Round bale silage 8
Milk production 6
Hay 9
Sheep 9
Autumn/winter standover feed 5
Quick spring feed 9
Ideal height to
start grazing
Ratings are 1-9
1 = Poor
9 = excellent
** = Not suitable

Planting rates

Sowing rates for soil temps 16°C and rising
Irrigation or
high rainfall
2-4 5-8 10-20

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