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Trojan wheat performs across diverse seasons

trojan at a glance -
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A high yielding mid-long season maturity variety suited to the medium to higher rainfall areas and to earlier seeding like Magenta and Yitpi.

LPRB-TROJAN has APW classification in the Southern and Western Zones.   The variety has an excellent grain package with large grain, low screenings and high test weights.

Diggora grower, Anthony Lees' experience with Trojan across two very different seasons. 

Trojan shows its mettle over seasons

February 23, 2017


Riverina farmer Luke Barlow in the middle of canola harvest last season.

A parched season one year to a saturated season the next has given southern NSW farmer Luke Barlow the confidence that his new wheat variety can yield across conditions.

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WA growers inspired by Victorian wheat results

February 14, 2017


Scott and Amery Drage, Hillcrest, Northampton, took inspiration from Victorian counterparts when choosing their new wheat variety.

For many winter croppers looking to plant a new variety, the first step is to visit the National Variety Trials website, talk to an agronomist or see how the neighbour’s crop fared.

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Bright picture for wheat in Vic

October 22, 2015


EG Baker and Co. production manager Andrew Russell is feeling positive about the future of Victorian wheat.

One of Victoria’s biggest seed producers has revealed its optimism for the future of wheat in the state.

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