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Wheat Western Australia

Advanta Seeds through the Pacific Seeds' Wheat brand is developing a major involvement in the wheat seed business Australia wide with the intention of bringing to the market a range of varieties encompassing all the major quality types and adapted to all the major growing areas. 

Particular emphasis is being placed APH; AH; APW; ASW; ASWN; durum and feed wheat sectors.

Our network of regional-based associates are responsible for producing, processing, distributing and selling Pacific Seeds’ wheat planting seed. The network of associates will ensure that quality seed is available to retailers and growers in a timely, convenient and economical manner. Seed is available season from your preferred Pacific Seeds’ associate and other retailers. Click on Pacific Seeds Associates for more information.

  • Western Australia wheat varieties

    LRPB Havoc Western Australia AH Quick
    LRPB Cobra Western Australia AH Early-mid
    LRPB Scout Western Australia AH Mid
    LRPB Trojan Western Australia APW Mid-late

The Pacific Seeds’ wheat varieties are protected by Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) and End Point Royalty (EPR) is payable on all relevant grain production.