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Pacific Seeds was the first company in the world to commercially market Hybrid canola. Commercially known worldwide as the Hyola®  range and characterised by exhibiting high seedling vigour, high yield, high oil, high blackleg resistance and high standability with superior adaptability, the Hyola® hybrid varieties have developed a strong reliable reputation with growers, agronomists and consultants across many geographies across the globe.


Flexible Cropping Technology Solutions


Pacific Seeds is committed to providing complete choice of elite hybrids to all canola growers across diverse cropping regions eminating from our global hybrid breeding and Flexible Cropping Technology Solutions extension programs. 


Pacific Seeds has over 50 replicated trial locations annually under the Hyola® FCTS Trialling network which is one of the most recognized and respected Performance and Agronomy evaluation systems in the Australian Canola industry.


The importance of these trials is to provide growers, agronomists, consultants and industry with sound advice and recommendations along with demonstrating technology driven cropping solutions from statistically analysed research.


We are committed to providing industry leading information and solutions incorporating hybrid varietal performance, crop agronomy and enhanced technology applications within canola cropping programs.   


Flexible Technology Hyola® Product Range

Our comprehensive product range includes high performance new technology Roundup Ready, Clearfield, Triazine and Dual Roundup Ready-Triazine herbicide tolerant Hybrids. We are the only Australian seed company to market high performance canola hybrids in all major herbicide technologies, making us “Australia’s Hybrid Canola Specialists”.

Pacific Seeds 2016 Canola Product Quick Reference Guide


All our Hyola® Hybrids are included in the Canola Product Quick Reference Guide. 


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World Class Canola Breeding Program

The Pacific Seeds canola breeding program is aimed at developing higher quality, higher yielding varieties with improved disease resistance. Our research targets are both global and specific to Australia developing the highest performing widest adaptable hybrids in all conventional and herbicide tolerant technologies.


Pacific Seeds continues to invest significantly in research at its world-class blackleg screening glasshouse facility in Toowoomba, Queensland along with the intensive field screening program across Australia. We set out to build an industry leading intensive blackleg screening program that it employs for all its parent lines and new hybrids under development.


The result is that our Hyola hybrids continue to top each herbicide tolerance group in Australia with the highest adult resistance ratings possible in the industry, including the new Roundup-Triazine (RT) dual herbicide tolerance category. This is a major credit to our diligent and focused research team.


GRDC 2015 Canola Blackleg Ratings and Disease Management Guide