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Pacific Seeds growers dominate Millmerran Show crop competition

March 21, 2018


Sorghum winners Jason, Rodney and Colleen Mundt, Mundalee, Yandilla, with Bill Smith, Pacific Seeds.

Growers of Pacific Seeds varieties dominated the Millmerran Show field crop competition recently, winning 11 out of 12 places in the field sorghum category and seven out of eight spots in the field wheat category, including first place in both categories.

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Macintyre Station achieves 100pc beef vision

October 17, 2017


Ian Bailey in his forage sorghum at Macintyre Station, near Inverell.

Two years after purchasing one of the largest holdings in the New England district, 8000-hectare Macintyre Station, Carossa Farming have realised their vision of converting the mixed grazing/cropping property to 100 per cent beef production.

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Gunnedah agronomist evaluates new APH wheat Mustang

March 21, 2018


Pinnacle Agriculture agronomist Andrew Ceeney in a crop of new Mustang wheat near Gunnedah.

Gunnedah agronomist Andrew Ceeney was one of many in the wheat industry monitoring the progress of new quick maturity, Australian Prime Hard wheat variety Mustang last season.

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Albert growers impressed with first Flanker wheat crop

January 19, 2018


Albert growers Wayne (left) and Michael Jarvis inspect their first crop of Flanker wheat.

Growing Flanker wheat for the first time last year was a positive experience for the Jarvis family at Albert, with the crop yielding well in a low rainfall season and winning them a local wheat crop competition.

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Crop program adjustment lifts grain, lamb output

October 16, 2017


Rochester mixed farmer Bruce Macague in his Clearfield graze and grain winter canola hybrid.

Rochester mixed-farmer Bruce Macague has seen a lift in his grain and lamb output after adjusting the cropping program at the family property.

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New CT canola to help growers

October 4, 2017


Pacific Seeds canola manager Justin Kudnig says Hyola CT will be another IWM tool for growers.

Pacific Seeds has announced it is currently evaluating a new dual-herbicide tolerant non-GM canola hybrid combining Clearfield and triazine-tolerant herbicide technologies for the Australian market.

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