• Summer Forage

Summer Forage

The range of Pacific Seeds Summer Forages are bred to suit various end uses and budgets. Whether the forage is used for grazing or for hay or silage production, the Pacific Seeds range has a product suitable for all markets.

The key goal of the Summer Forage breeding program is to produce hybrids which are easily managed, which deliver graziers, dairies and industries which increased feed quality, maximising productivity. Through our robust research and development process, only the hybrids which deliver an advantage over previous existing commercial varieties are moved forward and released.

Along with breeding and selling leading summer forages, Pacific Seeds is also committed to providing our customers with the information required to successfully establish and make the best use of their forage crops. Please see the links below and to the right for variety technotes and agronomic information.




Bred for quicker maturity to suit southern Australian summer situations, forage sorghum Sprint and feed corn PAC 301 offer high quality feed options.

Whether you are looking to put silage away, cut hay or graze, between the two there is PAC 301 hybrid corn or Sprint Forage Sorghum will provide a cost effective option for your operation.


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