Global data to boost local agriculture climate planning

Global data to boost local agriculture climate planning

August 1, 2021

Leading climate analytics will combine with a regional Australia weather network to help growers identify and manage on farm climate risks.

Skip is a collaboration between leading seed supplier Pacific Seeds, Californian climate and data science start-up ClimateAI, and Goondiwindi based AgTech company Goanna Ag.  

Pacific Seeds Marketing Manager Andrew Short said with the Skip platform, growers could look at farm specific short term and season ahead weather forecasts, and in an industry first, could also add customised crop alerts to assist with their on-farm decisions.

“Growers will be able to drop a pin on their location to produce farm specific forecasts, triggered alerts and decision-making tool outputs. Multiple locations for different fields or farms can also be marked delivering tailored data for each location,” said Mr Short.

“The Skip platform can also assist seasonal decision making by giving growers and agronomists the ability to run simulations of various planting times checking for potential seasonal impacts before putting seed in the ground and helping to tweak crop management before it is too late in the season.”

Global data and climate modelling informing tailored crop alerts

Skip platform dashboard

ClimateAI sources its analytics data from a wide range of public and private platforms and combines this with agronomics and machine learning to deliver what it believes is a superior forecasting model. 

ClimateAI’s Head of Product and Growth Anthony Atlas said that the platform links a weather and climate forecast to actionable insights for growers.

“It starts with a best-in-class forecast, using artificial intelligence to improve accuracy and extend the range of the forecast across days, weeks, and months. We then layer on an easy-to-use interface that helps you navigate challenging weather events, like a heat wave during flowering,” said Mr Atlas.

“ClimateAI takes a machine-learning approach to forecasting — a breakthrough new way to predict weather, compared to conventional models. Using selected Goanna Ag weather stations across Australia to feed information into ClimateAI’s models will add even greater field-based data to the model and continue to improve the reliability and accuracy of predictions. This will allow growers to not only use their Goanna Ag weather station as a means of looking at current and past observations, but also to generate a forecast specific to their station.”

Trusted Australian on-farm weather technology

Local on-farm weather station data

Goanna Ag CEO Alicia Garden said they were thrilled to be supporting Pacific Seed’s establishment of a new weather and climate forecast network.

“We’ve always held a strong belief that site-specific weather observations were needed to drive high accuracy short- and longer-term weather forecasts,” said Ms Garden.

“Our weather stations capture important parameters such as solar radiation that can greatly improve crop forecast models and its fantastic to see this data feeding tangible on-farm decision making tools for producers.”

The Pacific Seeds relationship with ClimateAI began when exploring how climate change might impact Australia’s grain production regions over the next 10, 20 and 30 years’ time and the potential shifts needed in areas such as breeding, testing and regional seed production operations. 

“From the time we create a new variety, it can take 7-10 years to bring it to market, essentially the crosses we make today need to result in a product which will thrive in Australian growing conditions in 2030,” said Mr Short.

“The more information we have the better we can identify what type of attributes will be needed by products in the future, where can we test now which might already display these future environmental characteristics and if our current seed production locations will still be viable in the future.”

“As part of this initial project we also started to look at ClimateAI’s weather forecasting on a day to day basis to assist with our seed production operations and thought there is something here which we should be making more widely available.”

Mr Atlas said ClimateAI was excited to see seasonal forecasts and alerts being leveraged to assist with farm management and that they looked forward to adding further functionality to the platform into the future.

The Skip platform is due to launch in Spring 2021 with growers, agronomists and wider industry encouraged to pre-register their interest to take part. For more information about the project or to get involved, please contact Pacific Seeds on 07 4680 2666.

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